Maximize Your Post-COVID-19 Potential

The courses listed below will focus on developing you for a Post-COVID-19 world.  

Basic Course

This course helps you develop your potential by learning how to manage your personal and corporate life, virtually and within the limitations of a Post-COVID-19 environment. You will be given a personal coach and an opportunity to develop your skills with your own mentors. You will develop your networking skills by learning how to participate in Collaborative Information Networks (CIN) Learning. Participants will work through the topics and share information with one another. Through a Discovery Report and
InterACTION Guide, you will gain a greater understanding of how to relate to other people (See CIN & the DISC Model of Human Behavior). CIN Network and a variety of other resources will be used as course materials, with options chosen by participants and approved by your coach and sponsor. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Mental Health Support
  2. Collaborative Learning
  3. Finding Personal Balance in Stressful Situations
  4. Safety During Stressful Situations.
  5. Minimize Relational and Spiritual Stress (Resilence)
  6. Working Virtually from Home
  7. Virtual Team Development and Management
  8. Virtual Organizational Management
  9. Individual Options
At the completion of the course, you will have a plan and a strategy to reach your Potential.  You will get a certificate of completion. The course provides 21 hours of instruction and is delivered in person and/or online through Google, Zoom and other technologies.

Cost of Tuition: $ 600.00
Cost for Course Materials is $150.
Intermediate Course

This course covers the same topics as the basic course in more depth and adds Career and Personal Development Content.

Instructional hours: 35  
Tuition: $1050
Materials: $300

Equine Assisted Wellness Addition
Horses are known to assist people with emotional learning and support. With all the stressors and limitations of our Post-Covid environment, working outside with horses can be therapeutic and a great form of self-care. This addition to our course is designed to give participants 10 additional hours of instruction so that they can evaluate whether Equine Assisted Wellness is something they want to pursue in the future.  

Instructional hours: 10
The additional cost is $400 to be added to any of our Post-COVID-19 courses.

Leadership Course

This course covers the same topics as the intermediate course in more depth and adds leadership content.

Instructional hours: 50  
Tuition: $1500
Materials: $400

If you are employed in Alberta your employer can apply to the Canada Job Grant Program (Alberta) for funding to take the course. 

Personal Development Addition:

This is an addition that covers the content of our Maximize Your Personal Potential course.

Additional Instructional hours: 20
Additional Tuition cost: $600 to be added to any of our Post-COVID-19 courses.
Additional Course materials cost: $200

For more information and to Register: email

If you are employed in Alberta your employer can apply to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Program for funding to take a course.

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