Maximize Your Internet Marketing Potential

This course will provide you a beginning understanding of the unlimited possibilities for marketing on the Internet. Browser Search Ads, Internet Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Use of Web Sites, Web and Mobile Apps, Social Media, Blogging, and developing a Marketing Strategy that brings it all together, complete with traditional Print, Signage and Promotional Products.  You will be given personal mentorship and an opportunity to develop your skills with your own mentors. You will develop your networking skills by learning how to participate in a Collaborative Information Network (CIN). At the completion of the course you will have a basic knowledge of what can be done, and information that leads to additional training and mentorship in the specific areas of interest you choose to develop further.  You will get a certificate of completion and CIN membership The course provides 30 hours of instruction and is delivered in the following ways:
  1. Individualized Instruction: An initial meeting (in person or via online communication) will be held to go over course expectations and individual plans to complete the course by online mentoring and instruction.
  2. Distance Learning: Mentoring, Instruction and Meetings to take place online.
  3. Classroom Instruction: In person meetings, mentoring and instruction with some online assignments.
Cost: A Tuition of $ 900.00 is required for any of the delivery methods mentioned above. 
Cost for Course Materials is $40.

If you are employed in Canada your employer can apply to the Canada Job Grant Program (Alberta) for funding to take the course. 

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