Dialogue Archive 2014

As anyone can comment on most FACTSnet blogs and most FACTSnet blogs are moderated. We are considering organizing comments using the following priorities (see Towards Generative (Deliberative) Community Dialogue):
  1. Generative Dialogue
  2. Reflective Dialogue
  3. Debating (Comments for each position listed separately)
  4. Factual Downloading
  5. Opinion Downloading
Conversations that contribute to a Dialogue:

Another way is to hold conversations on specific topics using blogs to facilitate the dialogue (see Technology Augmented Dialogue)  Although these conversations can happen on line face to face conversations are encouraged with summaries posted to a blog.  Several conversations can be summarized using a summary blog with links to the initial conversation blogs. In the FACTSnet implementation these conversations are facilitated by a Certified Dialoque Facilitator.

Participate in a Dialogue on this protocol by commenting on this post:

Please comment on this protocol below, we will be developing composite posts, when we receive enough comments and develop the protocol accordingly, especially organizing comments according to the priorities listed above.

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