About Us

Through our Maximize Your Potential courses we increase your productivity as we help you develop your personal and networking potential.  You will benefit from our years of experience using google apps and other technologies to save on online costs and to network with others.  In our courses you will learn how to develop and participate in a CIN (Collaborative Information Networks).

CIN networks are information and resource sharing systems, that facilitates people working collaboratively using a variety of technologies.  

CIN  is more than technology it is people using technology to work together for mutual benefit and the good of society.  CIN networks involve in person as well as online dialogue.  

A Collaborative Information Network (CIN) is formed by three kindred spirits, who have common goals. They establish an ongoing dialogue by meeting together in person if possible (video and audio conferencing, where this is not possible).  This dialogue becomes the basis for setting up an online presence to carry on the dialogue and if desired invite other to join the dialogue. 

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