Minimize Your Carbon Footprint (Make, Fix, Recycle)

This course helps you develop your awareness and practical ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle through exploring Make, Fix, and Recycle opportunities.   You will be given a personal coach and an opportunity to develop your skills with your own mentors.  You will develop your networking skills by exploring projects of interest to you and your employer.

The course covers the following topics:

1. Make: Explore ways and organizations that make things from materials that would normally be put in the landfill or recycled at a lesser use.  One of the areas is using waste materials from construction projects.
2. Fix: Explore ways and organizations that fix things, which would normally be put in the landfill or recycled at a lesser use.  Finding where to get parts and instructions on how to fix things, like appliances.
3. Recycle:  Explore ways and organizations that recycle things, which would normally be waste materials.  One of the ways is to use them in Art Projects.  Examine the recycling policies and practices of organizations and make recommendations for improvement.
4. Individual Projects: These projects would be worked out with your employer. 
5.  Networking with others (See Make Fix Recycle Networks).

The course provides between 21 and 30  hours of instruction and is delivered in the following ways:
1. Individualized Instruction: An initial meeting (in person or via online communication) will be held to go over course expectations and individual plans to complete the course through online mentoring and instruction.
2. Distance Learning: Mentoring, Instruction, and Meetings to take place online.
3. Classroom Instruction: In-person meetings, mentoring, and instruction with online assignments

Cost: A Tuition of $ 600- 900  is required for any of the delivery methods mentioned above.
The cost for Course Materials is $ 50

Eligible FACTSnet Volunteers get the course for free. 

If you are employed in Alberta your employer can apply to the Canada-Albderta Job Grant Program for funding to take a course.

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